London: The Acquarium, 2004
37 x 2.3cm rubber stamped and printed brown envelope (sealed and slit open as issued) content of 5 high quality photographic inkjet prints, of what initially appear to be appropriated images from the second world war of Nazi soldiers but on closer inspection aspects of Star Wars iconography can be seen (the stormtrooper is on the back of a horned beast – sorry we are not geeky enough to know the name of the steed but it is the one killed and eviscerated by Hans Solo at the beginning of the second film to save Luke’s life from the cold). In a number of the other prints an At-At (hah see we know the name of that machine much to our eternal shame) is seen attacking a tank or helping the German charge. One of ONLY 20 such hand made publications created for this small exhibition at a gallery that long championed the urban interventionists before the big money came in. By the way – is Star Wars not the most over-rated film of all time: poor editing, repetitive plotting and pretty lame acting? Please write in and correct us if you wish, it would be good to see if anyone reads these things. Fine.

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