Bordeaux: s.p. (Molinier), n.d. (1959)

13.5 x 9cm, 2pp b/w artist designed postcard depicting the drawing of Les femmes actuelles (which Moliner also turned into a well known oil painting). The reverse of the card has a unsigned text in Molinier’s very formal handwriting: "Je m’offre a vos crelegues (? hard to read) Sympathie L’exposition Internationale du Surrealisme Paris 1959 – 1960" and is addressed to a Monsieur C. Remongin, 14 rue Henner, Paris 9.

The card was one used by Molinier to promote his Atelier Du Grenier St Pierre and contains his MDVETDCS monogram (which he often incorporated into his paintings in lieu of a signature). The reverse of the card is a little browned but this is otherwise a wonderful small item and typical<br />of the artist’s obsession with the female form. The reference in the note is to Molinier’s participation in the highly significant EROS exhibition – the last great international surrealist event and the first collective surrealist show where Molinier exhibited. Moliner as an old man committed suicide by hanging himself in his apartment although rather decently leaving a note on his door alerting the police to his action in order to stop his female concierge from having the terrible experience of finding his dead body.

Few primary documents from Molinier come on the market in part due to the enthusiasm of one particular French collector who gained much of Molinier’s archive soon after his death and has (to his credit) kept it mostly intact. An unique item.

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