Paris: Bibliotheque D’Alexandrie, 1960

26 x 20cm. 28pp. Original plain coloured wrappers. First edition of this rare and important exhibition catalogue published in 1960 by Jorn under his Situationist inspired “Bibliotheque D’Alexandrie” imprint. Texts in French by Michele Bernstein and Asger Jorn are interspersed with 15 illustrated b/w pages of Pinot-Gallizio’s mechanically created art – which included long rolls of painted canvas that the artist intended to be cut up in what ever length was required to fill a particular space. There is a red stamped text: “La presente monographie de Pinot Gallizio est editee a l”occasion de son exclusion de l”Internationale Situationniste. ” – Gallizio. Wrappers are slightly faded near the spine so the colour is washed out a little for about a cm on the back.

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