Dusseldorf: Stadtsche Kunstalle/Department des Agiles Dusseldorf, 1972
32 x 22cm, printed folder (and rubber stamped) with pockets content of four mimeographed documents and one paper exhibition announcement). This was the press pack created by Broodthaers and the museum to promote the second of the physical presences of the ficticious museum which the artist saw as both parody and also critique of the institution.

To quote Mousse Magazine: “In 1972, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf director Karl Ruhrberg, together with junior curator Jürgen Harten, invited Broodthaers to do a section of the museum at the Kunsthalle, which resulted in the creation of the Section des Figures (Figure Section), the largest and most spectacular of the sections. The artist presented more than 300 artworks from all eras and geographies, originating from some 50 museums and other collections, alongside a plenitude of vernacular objects and reproductions of various natures, all bearing an image of the eagle, totaling some 500 “figures” of eagles in all. The catalogue lists only 282 entries, but Broodthaers also included three slideshows of reproductions, adding up to an overwhelming accumulation of artifacts, documents, prints, and artworks spanning centuries and civilizations, from the lofty to the trivial.”

This press pack has very interesting and not found elsewhere content, – the first enclosed document is rubber stamped “Department de AIgles Dusseldorf” and is a 2pp stapled press release explaining the concept. Additionally is found a supposed interview between Marcel Duchamp and Pierre Cabanne which is more than likely a fictional text – 4pp (recto only). A further document is a 2pp stapled reprint from La revolution surrealist vl 5 nr 12, 1929 of a Magritte essay in words and pictures, again stapled – of direct relevance to Broodthaers’ interests in symbols and signifiers.

There is a 30 x 21cm, 8pp booklet (again mimeographed) containing an interview between Broodthaers and Jurgen Harten and Katharina Schmidt which we believe has never been published elsewhere. And the final document is a 7pp (recto only) text “Von Adler” and has a signed (in print) open letter by Marcel Broodthaers to Georges Battaile in his facsimile hand.

Also inserted is a folded example of the first of the 6 paper announcements that Broodthaers sent out from each of the eventual locations of the exhibition/museum – Avis 1.
The internal paper is a little browned after nearly 50 years and the outer folder has various stains including probably some coffee stains but else it is in VG condition.

A remarkably rare item which while being part of the publicity material for the exhibition also has significant content not usually seen.

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