Koln/Amsterdam: Rudolf Rieser/Bookie Wookie, 1965/1994
1 x 3 x 1.8cm, original vintage “book” made out of cut magazine pages bound by glue and a cotton string spine as issued in 1965 at an opening in Koln. Only c. 150 were made yet fewer than 50 were taken away by visitors, the remaining 105 copies were retained by Roth and in 1994 he released them, signed and dated “1965/1994” in pen on the end of the book by Roth. Additional is a 15 x 21cm (approx.) torn colophon sheet explaining the work’s provenance in Roth’s facsimile hand and an hand written alteration to the text in red ink also by Roth. The whole in a two part transparent box. Effectively a vintage work by Roth albeit the distribution was a tad delayed. Fine in like box with slightly browned colophon sheet.

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