RIFF-RAFF. 1988.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1988
11.2 x 16.5cm, 1pp. Artist’s card with two quotes – the first by Michael Archer in Art Monthly attacking Finlay for suggesting that Waldemar should be repatriated and pointing out the critic was from Berkshire not Poland.
The second quote suggests that Berkshire “is the sort of county that given half a chance would impose a toll to keep out the riff-raff and as such it attracts the sort of riff-raff who have acquired sufficient money to be allowed in…” which amazingly is from the Follies book by Headley and Meulenkamp which Finlay also took such offence to.
When Finlay used the word “repatriate” in his earlier card (see elsewhere) he probably went too far, even if the card was considered to be a deliberate provocation, the word has too many racist overtones to be happily used even in polemic but this card tries to walk that suggestion back while hitting once again at the Guardian’s art critic. VG+.

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