Halifax: The Lithography Workshop, Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, 1973

19.2 x 19.5cm, 32pp plus card covers. Artists’ book with images of the title suite of lithographs and a text by Williams in his facsimile hand. ‘The landscape upon which these variations grew was one of the four-color tischdecken, depicting the remains of a meal, used as tablecovers at Restaurant Spoerri in Dusseldorf. One of these tischdecken, signed by Spoerri, was placed atop a table in the lithography workshop of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. This was the point of departure for variation meal of Monday, October 16th, 1972, eaten upon the Spoerri landscape. Variation # 2 is the remains of Tuesday’s meal eaten upon a table mural of variation # 1. And soon, until variation # 6 which is the remains of Saturday’s meal eaten upon variation # 5, which is the remains of Friday’s meal eaten upon variation # 4 . . . All of the food was bought in Halifax (except for the mussels, which I myself gathered in Prospect Bay) and prepared by me, and I ate most of it myself, seated alone at the table in the lithography workshop.’ Very good example of an uncommon book.

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