Toronto: s.p.. (Riddell), 1996
8 x 8 x 1.7cm, two part faux “cigarette” cardboard box printed using rubber stamp impressions content of 20 separate rolled up 8 x 8cm (approx) 1pp pages of the book each numbered – which in the box resemble cigarettes. A wonderfully inventive noir novel in which cigarettes are a central motif written by the conceptualist and fluxus artist Riddell. One of 100 numbered copies which are signed using a facsimile rubber stamp impression – fine in like box. A (non-filter) tip: when reading the novel take a single cigarette one at a time out of the box otherwise you will be hours re-rolling (appropriately) and replacing the expanded pages back into the box. I know this from bitter experience and it almost turned me to smoking. There were a small number of these works made (the boxes being hard to assemble) but the exact number if not known.

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