Huntington Beach: Anthem Books, 2003

28 x 21.8cm, 164pp. Card covers. A collection of theoretical essays on new models of sponsorship in the arts as collated by McGinness in lieu of a exhibition catalogue during his show at BLK/MRKT Gallery in LA – there are essays here from Shepard Fairey, Adam Glickman, Carla McCormack, Jacqui Miller, Steve Powers and Rob Walker and various interviews. At the end are a series of reproduced corporate letters in response to a letter from Amanda Fairey – Energizer Batteries in declining the chance to sponsor the art sent a $1 coupon off future purchases in reply! Go Duracell Bunny! Fine. (Still in print and cheaper at Obey Giant so buy it there – it is listed here for when it is out of print and to allow us to have a complete inventory on the web. Honest of us isn’t it – well, we aren’t typical dealers!) By the way a very interesting and thought provoking read – you <span style=”font-style: italic;”>should</span> buy it from Obey.<br />

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