N.p. (NYC): s.p. (La Monte Young), n.d. (1967)

Four glassine envelopes denoted on the outside as nrs 1 to 4. The envelopes contain different items – nr 1 has a folded ruby red 6pp inner card wrapping around another 4.7 x 9.4cm, sheet with the text “johnson vietnam the gas station to outlive to love”, Nr 2 has a similar red 6pp inner card but there is an ink fingerprint (by La Monte Young) on the sheet, Nr 3 has three 5cm, dia. plastic circles each with a circular sticker in the middle (green, red and blue) and Nr 4 has the same red card but here with a 7 x 4.7cm, b/w photograph of La Monte Young’s fingerprint enclosed.

This is a less known Fluxus object multiple that appears to differ from copy to copy (some had a typescript text added, others had empty envelopes).

VG+ condition. Scarce.

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