Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1992
15.3 x 11.1cm, 4pp grey outer folder with a drawing of a fallen leaves printed in green. Internally a 15.3 x 11.1cm, 4pp sheet with a poem:


“The canoe
of life
is shattered..”

The windblown
willows’ leaves
hide the path.

The suicide note referred to is from the Russian avant-garde poet Mayakovsky. The reference to the ‘canoe of life is shattered” is a direct quote from his despairing final letter. Finlay brings attention to the shape of the willow leaves that have fallen (shattered by the wind) to the ground. The image on the front of the folder also shows that death of the leaves.

This is one of a series of works which the Wild Hawthorn Press denoted as “Poems in folders”. VG+.

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