Antwerpen: Guy Schraenen, 1993

60 x 42cm, b/w exhibition poster for a number of shows where two “contradicting” artists exhibited together. Curated by Guy Schraenen the various artists included John Baldessari, Gunter Uecker, Jochen Gerz, Mirtha Dermisache, Ulises Carrion, Daniel Buren, Michel Seuphor, Chrstian Boltanski, Jenny Holzer, Cesar, Maurizio Nannucci, Dieter Roth, E.A. Vigo, Roman Opalka, Jose Sarmiento, Wolf Vostell, Gabor Toth, George Maciunas, Ben Vautier and Thomas Kapielski. The works (mostly books and editions) came from Schraenen’s own collection the “Archive for Small Press and Comminicaiton”. Folded as issued else VG+.

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