Dunsyre, Lanark: Wild Hawthorn Press, n.d. (1975)

10 x 5.2cm, 18pp (printed on one side only) accordion fold.
The first of three such “textbooklet”s which have similar formats. Here three texts are all displayed vertically: “Concrete effect?”, “Crossword effect?” and “Weather effect?”.
Finlay is playing with the three reasons why text might be shown in such an unusual manner – the concrete poem that uses verticality in many ways including inferring direction and falling, the crossword which needs vertical text to allow the words to be, well, crossed, and the weather where rain and snow falls and is a direct reference to the famous (and one of the first ever concrete poems) by Apollinaire “Il pleut” which Finlay knew well as he later parodied it in an artist’s card. VG+.

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