Devon: The Beau Geste Press, n.d. (1972)

29.5 x 21cm, 3pp: two sheets printed and stapled together. Mimeographed black text on red on blue letterhead from the press and rubber stamped “Good Grief”; in black ink. The text is a manifesto of sorts explaining the press’s activities and asking various apposite questions as to why most artistic activity takes place in cities? The text is fascinating and claims only when artists are forced to fall back on their own resources that “strong” art is made. The text outlines the facilities at Beau Geste and lists the participants as David Mayor (a conceptualist), Chris Welsh (graphic artist), Martha Erhenberg (an architect), Madeline Gallard, Felipe Ehrenberg (sculpture) and two smaller Ehrenbergs (children). The standard model for publications and commissions is also outlined with the Carolee Schneemann Parts of a Bodyhouse artist’s book being cited as a good paradigm for mutual benefit where Carolee kept the rights to the entire deluxe edition and gave Beau Geste the rights and profits from a low-cost, unsigned edition.

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