THE BLACK DWARF. YEAR 13. NRS. 1 – 5, 7, 10. 1968 – 1969.


London: Black Dwarf, June 1968 – January 1969
Seven separate numbers from the British anarchist press which was published again by Tariq Ali after a 100 year break when the original 12 volumes of radical broadsheets had been long forgotten by most historians of the left. These numbers (denoted by Ali as volume 13) were published in the immediate aftermath of the events of Paris 1968.

The size of the publication varies nrs 1 and 2 being 50 x 39cm, 3 – 5, 7 being 58 x 45cm and nr 10 being 44 x 31cm. Pagination varies – the first numbers being 4pp, later additional pages were added, nr 10 being 12pp. All tabloid self-covers. The earliest numbers are printed on newsprint, nr 10 on heavier paper. A short incomplete run which after May 1968 suddenly found itself a new radicalised youth as a paying audience. The front pages are agit-prop vehicles – nr 1 from this 13th year displaying the text “WE SHALL FIGHT WE WILL WIN PARIS LONDON ROME BERLIN&” over an image from France’s uprising. Articles from Christopher Logue, Coates, Tariq Ali, Rudi Deutsche, Cohn-Bendit, Mike Jagger!, Ruth First and many others can be found. These are not perfect copies in fact they are all worn, a bit browned (apart from nr 10 on better paper), all folded in the past and many with tears along spines and sadly four of the publications have items clipped from them (the numbers 4, 5 and 10 are complete the other 3 have single articles clipped (which is a deficit but still allows the vast majority of the issues to be read). We have kept this damage and incompleteness in mind when pricing this group.

Price is for all 7 issues together (effectively the price for 3 complete copies with the damaged copies thrown in free)

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