Berlin; Staatliche Museum zu Berlin, 2017

Six separate 30 x21cm, inject sheets each 1pp. Piper set up The Probably Trust Registry in the museum and invited participants to sign contracts for three different register – The rules of the game #1, #2 and #3. These contracts took the form of personal declarations – promises to behave in certain moral ways – the three promises were to “I will always mean what I say”, “I will always (absent uncrontollable Acts of God) do what I say I am going to do” and “I will always be too expensive to buy”.

The registry (a documentation of people’s promises) is kept by the Berlin Museum and it is possible to contact another signatory (perhaps to remind them of their promises) by asking the museum to  moderate the interaction.

A conceptual artwork designed to encourage better moral behaviour.

This set of contracts are signed by Paul Robertson. VG+.

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