27 x 33 x 0.5 cm mixed media: a short, cut branch of a box tree (a slow-growing evergreen shrub common in Asia and southern Europe often used for hedging due to its thick and chaotic growth) has been attached to shaped and moulded white paper/plaster and the Greek text THEOGONIE mounted over it handwritten in red on silver foil. The entire being then placed under bulletproof wire glass and enclosed on all other sides by a heavy sheet of thin lead which has been hand shaped to fit the work. Scratched on the rear of the work in the lead is a dedication “pour Wolfgang Becker avec amitie de plus 15 ans… Anne et Patrick Poirier “Theogonie” 1989″. According to the Theogonie of the gnomic poet Hesiod, the earth emerged from Chaos and in turn from the earth was formed the stars and heavens. Fine estate.

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