Koln: Tiegel un Tumul, 1990
34 x 30 x 7cm, red plastic suitcase with silkscreened title. Inside the suitcase are seventeen 4pp b/w card folders each rubber stamped and containing a signed and numbered artwork from all of the guest artist editors who contributed to the magazine’s production up to that point. The artists contributing are Hainke, Stake, van Scooten, Georg Jappe, Emmett Williams, Heckert, Heidsieck, Arno Arts, Ann Noel, Monro, Nieslony, Baroni, Schnyder, Norros, Bruce McLean, Luh and Olbrich. Noteworthy are the contributions of Hainke who includes a cd soundwork a part of a silkscreen and Hetta Norros who contributes a work (a rather lovely abstract coloured etching) numbered 1/1 – presumably each being unique. Emmett Williams offers a collage while Ann Noel’s work is a coloured xerox of an abstract face. Heidseick has a collage using text and photo paper and McLean has a strong work: “Study for Vertical Balcony ” a boldly coloured silkscreen in green, blue, black and red. Luh’s silkscreen and collage is again a strong work which commands attention while Olbrich’s is a cerebral collage with the text: “it is exactly between what you see and what I am”. No contribution is worth overlooking and Eric van Scooten has an ornate collage which uses several overlapping layers of printed paper to gain a highly decorative effect. The box also contains copies of magazines: Kassell-Kulturell April 4 1990 containing an article about the series and Artist Kunstmagazin, August 1990 again with an article – both marked by the publisher’s sticker on the cover indicating the page (the latter magazine additionally has a laid in edition by Andea Wenner – a silkscreened brown paperbag with a text printed “8,-” recto. Moreover there is a replica exercise book which was the exhibition catalogue for the Zeitschrift fur Tiegel & Tumult 1986 – 1990 held at the Galerie Scuppenhauer in 1990 and displays the other releases in the T&T series and also several promotional b/w postcards for the series and a promotional leaflet. A further white semi-transparent paper bag is contained within the sutcase with several home made promotional flags (cocktail sticks and printed paper), various luggage tickets and other promotional materials – mostly small cards. Internal baggage strap in black is employed within the case to hold all items in place between two thick cards. Very good ++ condition. All apart from the unique works are numbered and signed from an edition of 150 copies.

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