Leeds: New Arcadians Press, 1983
8.3 x 10.9cm 6pp (asymmetric folds). A folding card which has two drawings by Ian Gardner which reflect the shape of each other. The first is a slope on a battle ship’s deck, the second a slope on a hill with a house and a tree. The “elevation” of the guns to the deck and the “elevation” of the house to the tree are mathematically compared to each other in the diagram.
Two quotes one by Horace Walpole and the other John James note the evolution of “Ha! Ha!s” in gardening – places where the ground drops away suddenly and allows unimpeded access to the grounds. On a battleship the slope in front of a gun allows the missile to be projected without opposition.
The card may be a typical Finlay work bringing attention to a comparison or metaphor between two things but given the on-going feeling of conflict and being under attack at Little Sparta at this time – the card is also a threat to those attacking the elevations of the grounds.

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