New York: Fluxus, 1964

57.2 x 44.5 cm, 4pp includes works by: George Maciunas, Ben Vautier, Nam June Paik, Robert Filliou, George Brecht, Heinz Gappmyr and others. Originally conceived by Maciunas during a frustrating delay in production of ‘Fluxus 1’ vTRE was consistently issued during the period of 1964 – 66, later numbers appeared only occasionally in 1970, 76 & 79 (respectively). Only eleven separate issues were ever produced. The title was derived from Brecht’s earlier one- off journal ‘V TRE), and this term was integrated into the title of each issue (possibly adapted from the French ‘votre’ and /or the English ‘voter’, while eliminating the letter ‘o’). previously folded copy with some slight wear to the edges otherwise very good. (Fluxus Codex Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection, Abrams N.Y.1988. pg. 95).

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