Belgrade, Yugoslavia: Signal, 1972

30 x 21cm, 4pp b/w single number of the influential Signal Gallery journal which displays one of the very earliest Abramovic installations created before she left her land of birth. Two b/w photographs are of a youthful Marina and her modified tape recorder in a space which was hung with white paper  to create a minimalist space.

Also contains a text by Todorovic in English and Serbo-Croatian. During the show, the recorder taped the "silence" in the room and played it back amplified to the emptiness: the second of Abramovic’s works concerned with "emptiness" . The reference to Cage is obvious. Soon after the artist left for Edinburgh and future fame.

Signal was one of the most significant avant-garde journals to emerge from the radical literary
and artistic movements of Eastern Europe. Edited by the influential Serbian poet and intermedia
conceptual artist Miroljub Todorovic, the magazine projected the ideas associated with
Signalizam (Signalism), the neo avant-garde creative movement started by Todorovic in 1969.
Signalism was influenced by the increasing power of technology in everyday life, particularly the
emergence of the computer, and looked to propagate artistic methods that grounded their transmedia and interdisciplinary experimentation (for ‘Signalism stands for absolute experimentation in all the arts) in scientific thinking.

Some minor edge damage but else VG+ –  an interesting rare document.

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