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Edinburgh: Morning Star, 200
13.5 x 10cm, 32pp plus COVERS. Artist's book in the form of a faux passport contributions by Finlay, Alex Finlay, Simon Patterson, Lawrence Weiner, Donald Evans, David Faithfull as well as others. Each page is in the form of actual rubber stamp impressions in black, red and blue from stamps designed by the artists. One of 750 copies produced but this is surprisingly hard to find. VG+

Edinburgh: Morning Star, 1997
14 x 10.5cm, blue card slipcase content of a 13.5 x 10cm, 28pp plus boards. Artist's book consisting of a number of contributions by Finlay, Harry Gilonis, Jackson Mac Low, Ian Stephen, Graham Rich, Haans Waanders, Simon Cutts, Thomas A. Clark, Pavel Buchler, David Bellingham, Richard Tuttle, Zoe Irvine, Alex Finlay, Simon Patterson, and Lawrence Weiner as well as others. One of only 200 printed. VG+.


Green River: Longhouse, 1991
16 x 23cm black on yellow printed envelope content of two brochures.
SUNDIALS. 21 x 15cm, 8pp (single folded sheet) with 4 illustrations of works by Michael Harvey and an essay by R. C. Kenedy. This booklet is signed and numbered from an edition of 30 copies in black ink by Finlay after the essay.

I SING FOR THE MUSES AND MYSELF. 21 x 15cm, 8pp (single folded sheet) with 4 drawings of Little Sparta by Walter Miller and an essay by Finlay's son Alex Finlay.


Dunsyre, Lanark: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1975
11 x 11.2cm, 16pp (self cover). Drawings of tanks and war planes by Alexander Finlay (later Alex Finlay) from when he was young with short text works by Finlay that reflect the imagery.
Nocturne has a drawing of a man parachuting from a plane - Finlay's text shows the words "schräge musik" with two dots being repeated op the page diagonally. Schräge Musik was the German term for an autocannon that the Luftwaffe mounted in fighters but was also the contemporary German colloquialism for shaky, off-tune music ie slanted or oblique music. The slant of the text reflects that origin as a well as the way the bullets tragectory.
A very scarce Finlay book and charming in the way his son was involved in the production. Later Alex Finlay would publish many books - we think this was his first. VG+. ...