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Manchester: ME Action Campaign, 16th April 1988
An original vintage xerox 30 x 21cm, 1pp of a letter from Martin Lev to Catherine Millet" of Art Press
A letter taking Millet to task for her claims that Sue and Ian Finlay were anti-Semite. Lev praises Sue Finlay for her actions in the ME Action Campaign (on whose letterhead this letter was typed - possibly without permission) and says he knows them both well. He notes his own Jewishness and says that he finds it "absolutely extraordinary" that the claims could be made against them Finlays
"It seems clear to me that Ian is the innocent victim of a particularly sordid and nasty bout of in-fighting in the French political and art world...

Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1986
Folded empty DL manilla envelope with black rubber stamp impression with the text: "THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF IAN HAMILTON FINLAY".
This was an original small work sent by Finlay to Peter Townsend. It is a comment on Finlay's fight with Catherine Millet who bizarrely and wrongly accused Finlay of being an anti-semite. The envelope of course had no facts inside it - which was Finlay's view of his accuser's arguments. Unique thus. We presume other such envelopes were created given that Finlay had the rubber stamp made but we have never seen another example.