Fischli and Weiss Tag

Munich/Stuttgart (St. Gallen): Octogan Verlag, 1993
18 x 12cm, 12pp plus card covers. Artist's book displaying six photographs of meals - each image being brightly coloured and fully saturated to make the posed images seem other-worldly and to emphasis their "fakery". The images resemble those used on restaurant menu boards.
This is one of 400 copies found in "World Soup" - this was Hans Ulrich Obrist's first ever curated exhibition and had major contributions by Hans Peter Feldmann, Roman Signer, Paul-Armand Gette, Fischli and Weiss, Richard Wentworth, C.O. Paeffgen, Frederic Bruly Bouabre. And each like Boltanski included an original publication or print to the catalogue which was published in only 400 copies.
Additionally there was a 30 x 21cm, 16pp pluys card covers general catalogue for the show which each artist provided a page contribution to - Bolanski showed two colour photographs of a kitchen cupboard but the second image has had a candle photo-manipulated into the image.
A rare publication - and this example has the Boltanski booklet signed on the first page in ink. All VG+ in like folder.
Reference: Calle Boltanski Artist's Books Page 77