Ian Stephen Tag

Edinburgh: Morning Star, 1997
14 x 10.5cm, blue card slipcase content of a 13.5 x 10cm, 28pp plus boards. Artist's book consisting of a number of contributions by Finlay, Harry Gilonis, Jackson Mac Low, Ian Stephen, Graham Rich, Haans Waanders, Simon Cutts, Thomas A. Clark, Pavel Buchler, David Bellingham, Richard Tuttle, Zoe Irvine, Alex Finlay, Simon Patterson, and Lawrence Weiner as well as others. One of only 200 printed. VG+.


Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1994
9.9 x 8.6cm, 4pp card with two concrete poems on the inner folds on the left is an English translation of Guillaume Apollinaire's calligramme Miroir (Imagine angels not as reflections are in this mirror I am enclosed alive and real as you) the words are broken up and in a circle to indicate a mirror and Apollonaire's name is in the middle.
On the right a version of the same work is found but with important changes (Imagine mariners and not as reflections are in this mirror I am enclosed afloat and real as you). The circle in the second work becomes an ocean with the change to mariners instead of angels and the name afloat in the centre is that of the poet/conceptual/land artist Ian Stephen, a friend of Finlay's. VG+.


Edinburgh: Morning Star Press, 1994 21 x 15cm, gatefold outer orange folder content of a 18 x 12cm, 10pp (single folded sheet) with page contributions by Finlay, Gael Turnbull, Tessa Ransford, George MacKay Brown, Ian Stephen, Edwin Morgan, Peter Larkin, Richard Price, Peter Dent and a cover illustrated by Margot Sandeman with text by Bridget Penney. The shipping forecast is a nightly and morning broadcast on the BBC which tells the weather for shipping in the various seas around Great Britain but it has iconic status as many peopel who are not fishermen listen to it because the names of the various weather stations are somewhat poetic in themselves. Finaly here contributes a short work:<BR?

A shoal
of names
in nets
of rain

Where the weather station names are compared to a fishing catch held together by a net of rain.
The Morning Star Press was the publishing house of Alex Finlay son of Ian. One of 100 hand numbereed copies. Scarce. VG+. ...