Marius Alexander Tag

Little Sparta: Wild Hawthorn Press, 1987
14 x 18.4m, 1pp Artist's card with a b/w photograph of a field of sheep near Little Sparta by . Finlay writes underneath "The wine-dark sea, the turnip-marbled field" and "The Hyperborean Apollo of Walter Pater's Apollo in Picardy. In little Sparta he is identified with Saint-Just.". Greek mythology is mixed with Finlay's French revolutionary hero and the landscape which is a prosaic, rural version of Arcadia. VG+.


Bruxelles: Editions Lebeer Hossmann, 1985
21 x 14.5cm, 64pp. Original printed wrappers. A curiosity in that the first half of this book is a short story by Harding followed by a text on the work of Finlay and Sarkis in French issued on the occasion of an exhibition LITTLE SPARTA & KREIGSSCHATZ in Chapelle Sainte-Marie, Two colour photographs and 16 b/w images of sculptural works and works in Little Sparta by Marius Alexander. An artist's book? An exhibition catalogue? We have decided the latter. VG+.