Norbert Haas Tag

Vaduz: Roberto Altmann, 1977
28.3 x 20.9cm, 40pp and card covers. A single number (and the last in the series) of an artist’s periodical that was produced unusually in Liechtenstein, This themed number is a collection of postcards by Roberto Altmann, Christian Boltanski, H.P. Gassner, Paul-Armand Gette, Norbert Haas, Gilbert Lascaux, Annette Messager and Maria Nevelson which are bound in and serrated to allow removal and use if desired. Boltanski shows appropriated images of a goat, children playing, a girl posing, a yacht amongst other things. The images used here were also released as a stand alone artist’s portfolio also by Altmann also entitled Les Vacances but in a cardboard folder. Flay in her Catalogue of Boltanski books notes that but does not reference this periodical presumably not knowing of it. VG+. Very scarce publication.