Paris: Librairie Seguier, 1990
32 x 26cm, two part blue card box with handwritten title label content of a 30 x 21.5cm, 104pp plus blue card boards book with, again, an handwritten label. The book has been described as poetry in some online descriptions (presumably because of the poet's earlier works) but it is really a work in prose of reminiscences from the author's childhood - a subject matter which reflects much of Boltanski's interests in recovered memory.
This being the deluxe edition there is a further artist's book "Cinq Photographies de l'album de la famille D. " which is 8 x 11.5cm, and contains 6 appropriated photographs (taken from originals) mounted as if in a small photo-album. This book was only available in these deluxe copies making it one of the rarest of Boltanski productions.
There is also an untitled 24 x 18cm, b/w photograph of a young boy with his toy wooden horse standing outside of a house. The photograph is also mounted in a folder with tissue guard.
Finally there are four hand-written original manuscripts of texts from the book by Cluzel, and a colophon sheet which is also hand annotated by the poet and numbered from the edition of only 37 (this example is number 23). These pages are in a plastic transparent folder
Rare and important not least because of the inclusion of the small artist's book, this example is in VG++ condition although the front cover label has lost some of the ink from the title and Cluzel's signature - however, Boltanski's signature on the label is still very clear and dark.