Richard Hamilton Tag

27.5 x 21.5cm, unpaginated (80pp approx) plus card covers. An appropriated artist's book designed by Richard Prince and published by Koenig Books in Koln in London in 2008.
The book is a "colouring-in" children's book with drawing by Prince. Monk has here coloured-in the vast majority of the pages of the drawings using crayon and pencil as well as blue biro pen and, moreover, has added to the drawings in places. The book is signed on the front cover. Attached to the very front cover is a post-it note from Monk which states in his own handwriting "JONATHAN MONK ON RICHARD PRINCE FOR RICHARD HAMILTON ON MARCEL DUCHAMP" - a note that is relevant as the book was an agreed swap between Paul Robertson and Jonathan Monk in return for a work by Richard Hamilton who had adapted an appropriated photograph of Marcel Duchamp and republished it as an editioned poster-print with added embellishments.
This is an unique artist's book by the neo-conceptualist who particularly admires Richard Prince. Fine condition.