Edinburgh: Show & Tell Editions/Heart Fine Art, 2010
13.5 x 9 x 8.5cm, two part blue card box with an original photograph as label (the Brotkatz “Ink Monks”); content of an original Brotkatz “Ink Monk” sculpture (bread, salt, plastic, glue, rubber stamp impressions, paint and card) each unique but numbered from a total production of 24 different works (each signed in red ink at the bottom by Kommissar Hjuler) which is glued to the underside of the lid, a 13 x 9cm original photograph of Heart Fine Art’s very own “Yuri the Avant Guard Dog” (each numbered by hand on the reverse) eating the original Brotkatz Ink Monks, a two-sided blue audio cassette containing a recording of EXbroTkatzENDED (10m:41s) on both sides of the tape and filled up with blue-dyed long grain dried rice. The photographs are on Kodak Xtralife paper. An ornate deluxe (Suschi!) box which extends Hjuler’s fantasy world of the “Brotkatz” (Breadcats) – now collectors can have their very own unique religious bread cat to worship while listening to the “noise” tape of the artist (who is also a working policeman in the German force) roughly shout-singing the ‘hymn’ of the bread cat. Fine – of the 24 numbered edition only 17 will be available for sale (7 are to be retained by the artists and the publisher).

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