Amsterdam: Groninger Museum, 1983

26 x 21cm, 80 pp, Card wrappers – exhibition catalogue on the occasion of a retrospective of the work of the Fluxus artist de Ridder which took place during the the Holland Festival curated by William Levy and the artist himself. Texts in English and Dutch which consist mostly of a lengthy chronological interview of the artist’s various activities which include early paper works called Paper Constellations, radio and sound works, the various sexual magazine ventures which included Suck the first ever European sex paper, his Aloha counter culture newspaper and performance activities including his “walkman”pieces where instructions for a 2 or 3 day walk through parts of Holland were given to the participant and the latter was sent off to follow the path set for them in advance and to find “adventures”. Over the middle pages is an extensive biographical cartoon featuring De Ridder’s “greatest hits” drawn by Peter Pontiak which are fun to read. Fine and entertaining.

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