Weisbaden: Harleken Art, n.d. (c. 1981)

18 x 28cm, printed plastic ring folder content of c. 40 different 15 x  21cm, 2pp promotional leaflets each for a different publication, edition or portfolio. The artists include Michael Buthe, Albrecht d, Wil Frenken, Jurgen Klauke, Wolfgang Rohler, Ulrike Rosenbach, Timm Ulrichs, Wolf Vostell, Corsin Fontana, Joe Jones, Ulay and \Marina Abramovic, Klaus Staeck and c. O. Paeffgen.

The next section has 4 glossy cards all punched and inserted – each for a different artist – two of which are Joe Jones and Charly Banana and two ateliers.

A final section has 17 original announcement cards and small posters which have been folded and punched and added into the binder. Artists included here are two for Marina and Ulay Abramovic (Art Vital and Installation 2), C.O. Paeffgen, Fritz Schwegler, Herbert Hamak, Peter Vogel, Milan Kunc, Barry McCalliuon, Curt Stenvert, Hannah Villiger, J. Klauke.

This is in very good condition but there is one contemporary handwritten notes on one page.

We do not break up items on principle but this is a good purchase for collectors of invitation cards especially for the very scardce two Abramovic cards.

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