New York, NY: ReFlux Editions, 1988.
9.3 x 6.7 x 2.3 cm plastic box containing offset-printed, black-and-white, fifty-four, plastic laminated cards. From a limited edition of 500, this was the last multiple planned by Maciunas, with photographs by Peter Moore. The reverse of the cards (black) are an image of 3 fingers. The identifying side has designs by Maciunas and the face cards are all photographs of dressed up Fluxus personalities – Brian Buczak, Geoff Hendricks, Billie Hutching, Larry Miller and Maciunas himself (who is the joker). This is one of only 496 packs released,
9 x 6.5cm, 24pp, single folded sheets with details of the edition and a text = Tales of the Deckameron or the Making of this Deckorum Fluxorum. Fine.

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