Aaachen: Aachen Gallery, 1966

30 x 21cm, 1pp, Mimeographic leaflet for a one day happening and Fluxus event that took place on September 25th, 1966. Primarily organised by Wolf Vostell, artists included the Spanish Fluxus group Zaj , including Tomas Marco, Juan Hidalgo, José Castillejo and Walter Marchetti were invited, from New York Dick Higgins and Alison Knowles took part, Bernhard Höke and Vagelis Tsakiridis arrived from Berlin and Wolf Vostell from Cologne , Different actions often took place simultaneously and spanned a period of four and a half hours and the design for the leaflet is by Vostell. A bit browned and discoloured in parts and folded twice – but very scarce.

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