Haarlem, Schiedam, Groningen: Der Hallen/Stedilijk/Groningen Museums, 1969

10.5 x 29cm, 64pp. Original boards with a lenticular design on the front which causes an optical illusion of movement when the book is tilted. An exhibition of early optical art with contributions by Woody van Amen, Frans en Marja de Boer Lichtveld, Pieter Cornelisse, Huub Dröge, Jeroen Henneman, Frans Hermes, Arie Jansma, Leendert Janzee, Livinus, Karel Martens, Willem Marijs, Ber Mengels, Jan van Munster, Henk Peeters, Kees Roest, Gust Romijn, Wim T. Schippers, Jan Spit, Ray Staakman, Frans Verpoorten, Jos Wong en Johan van Zutphen.  Each has a work in b/w reproduced full sheet. Some of the participants were associated with the Zero/Nul Group.

This book was poorly designed and the page block in almost all copies has fallen away because it was glued (lumbeck binding) rather than a more secure design. This example suffers from the same fate – else it is VG. Priced to reflect this.

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