Geneva: Galerie Marika Malacorda, 1977

10.5 x 15cm, 4pp announcement card for a performance by Ulay and Abramovic during the Biennale de Paris where Ulay drove a small Citroen bus (that the lovers had been living in) round and round inside the building and Abramovic held a megaphone out of one of the windows where she would call out the laps. After around 16 hours the bus stopped working and the artists took it out of the space. The oil and the tyre marks were left to be displayed in the building for the rest of the installation.

Two b/w images of the bus circling and a time-lapse image that shows only the lights of the bus on repeated laps taken by Harmut Kowalke. Internally and on the back gallery details. VG+. Scarce.

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