RESULTS IN 4D. c. 1966.


NYC: Socialist States of Belgium in exile, n.d.
28 x 21cm, 1pp. Offset leaflet which was published by the so called “Socialist States of Belgium in exile” and promoting an evening of films by Louis Lacille Lenglet who is noted here as a “Belgium Provo, moviemaker and U editor” “with the co-operation of Aggression Art Inc./Third Rail Gallery” alongside films by Jon Hendricks and Fluxus works by Poppy Johnson, Al Hansen, Darlene Butlich, Anya Robbins, Maryann Zaccone and Jean Toche. An unusual event where the political European tradition coming out of the events taking place in the Netherlands and Belgium met the new radical arts found in the Fluxus movement. A rare document indeed. Formerly folded but else VG.

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