Munich: s.p. (Spur), 1977

21 x 17cm, 76pp plus covers. Various coloured paper stock employed. The first (and perhaps only number) of this final manifestation of the German Spur Group which by now had diminished to joint public activities by Helmut Sturm and Heimrad Prem. The works show the roots of the German breakaway from the Situationists displaying COBRA-esque, expressionist flourishes in the main – which is hardly surprising given Cobra’s coming together with Debord et al. in the ’50s to form the core of the later political sect. By 1975 this remaining German duo had formed the Kollektiv Herzogstrasse grouping and published this journal with text and original lithographic contributions by Backmayer, Backmayer, Bartsht, Busse, Diri, Hermann, Niggl, Prem, Sturm, Saub, Strauch and Wald. Near fine. Exceptionally rare and often unknown even by collectors of SPUR/Situationism. This is the final primary document from end of a long evolution of radical / politicised art and an essential document for those fascinated by the twists and turns of a few people passing in and out of history and changing the world just a little bit here and there for better or worse.

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