Koln: / Los Angeles: Koenig, 2003
Shrinkwrapped (approx 42 x 25 cm – as deliberately issued and hence misshapen) artist’s book consisting of a red, 28 x 21 cm carpet creating wrappers which hold two books one by Roberto Ohrt: “Four howling facades”, size 28 x 21.5 cm, typoscript, 42 pages and the other an adapted facsimile of Guy Debord and Asgar Jorn’s “Memoires, Structures Portantes d’Asger Jorn, edite par l’Internationale Situationiste” 43 x 14 cm, 58 pages.The artists glued six photos (25 x 20 cm) with titles such as “Shit Sled”, “DXI Shit Plug”, “Proposed Monument” within the facsimile. The total being shrinkwrapped in plastic and hence becoming an object multiple rather than book: something that is typical of the work of Jason Rhoades and the forced folding and manipulating of the contents is part of the work. This is one of only 500 signed and numbered copies released – and is in pristine unopened condition (many of the 500 were opened – in fact the publisher’s claim was that the artists wanted clients to buy two copies – one to read and the other to retain it’s function as a three-dimensional artwork. Fine.

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