Remscheid: Edition Vice-Versand, 1969

10x 7 x 2cm plastic box (with removable lid) content of a card with a rubber stamp drawing of a high-stool upon which Roth has placed a slice of banana. Roth found the fluid from the banana to be sufficient to firmly glue the matter to the card and this is apparent here too since the detritus is firmly attached. Initialled and dated 1969 by Roth in ink this is a first edition of this unlimited (although now rare) edition. The banana has rotted, of course, but there is a substantial piece of it left along with some banana dust accumulating in the bottom of the box. The card on which it has been placed is browned and buckled from the moisture from the decomposing fruit but over all after 30 years this is as good an example as could be found with no cracks to the box. And, after all, the rotting is the Rot(h) rationale.

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