Rannoch Moor: s.p. (Maris), 2023

21 x 1cm, 1pp typographic artists postcard for with a text and b/w work by the Scottish land artists –  The Dark Infinity of Her Eye (made from decayed heather in an acrylic medium on gesso panel.)

The artist’s wrote: “On the perfect palindrome of 21 February 2012, I found his Shieling of the Pool, and opened the stone chamber in which he had interred Her heather amulet.

I gathered up the remains – a spoonful of peaty compost flecked with flakes of rotting wood.

Over the next few months, I carefully transformed the Prima Materia into just enough pigment to cover a small gesso panel with a brown so deep it is nearly black. I have no doubt that it matches the iris of the Muse, for I too have looked into that dark infinity, and caught the seven catchlights of Her own sacred constellation – Corona Borealis.”

“I have set the painting’s value as equal to the house in which its existence was prevised:

She picked up a small twig from the sea-scorched heath and offered it to him. “Here, is your Home.” He returned her smile as he accepted her modest gift.

“No honestly. Do not doubt me.

This is all you will”


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