UNTITLED (FROM “ALSO AUSSTL. AM 30.11., 1. + 2. 68, 11-18 UHR….“. 1968. SIGNED BY WEWERKA.


Koln: Tobies and Silex, 1968
Single 10 x 10.2cm, matrix print (a form of letterpress) on card with a reproduced drawing (probably by Wewerka but not confirmed as the documentation for the exhibition claims “at least half of the graphics are from Diter Rot”) of two abstract organic shapes in blue. The print is signed by Wewerka in pencil bottom left. The print has two punched holes designed to allow the card to be stored in a file folder which was available at the exhibition.
This is one of a number of such cards that the two artists made available for their joint exhibition at Tobies and Silex which could be made into an artist’s book with the folder or taken away as single prints.
Charming and rather nice small printed work. Apparently very few complete sets in folders were created. VG+.

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