Edward Kieholz Tag

Dusseldorf: Stadtische Kunsthalle, 1973
31.5 x 22cm, b/w folder illustrated with images from the exhibition catalogue content of a further black on pink folder and 13 loose 30 x 21cm, 2pp sheets with contributions from each of the exhibiting artists - Enrico Baj, Michael Sandle, Edward Kieholz amongst others.
Boltanski has a 2pp original contribution - 9 appropriated b/w images of members of the Club Mickey (a Walt Disney fan club) taken from the larger installation of 62 photographs exhibited. A short explanatory text in German by the artist:
"I was eleven years old in 1955 and I was like these 62 children whose photo was featured in Club Mickey magazine that year. They had sent in the picture they thought best represented them: smiling and well coiffed, or with their favourite toy or animal. They had the same desires and interests as me.Today they must all be about my age, but I cannot find out what became of them. The image that has remained of them no longer corresponds to reality, and all these children's faces have disappeared, (...