Joh Furnival Tag

Bath: Openings Press, n.d.
28 x 28cm, 2pp offset print with an "poem by Ian Hamilton Finlay interpreted by Angela Wellard" noted on the back.
On the front is a re-setting in typographic terms of an early work by Finlay "lackblockblack" but now displayed twice in two similar square text blocks.
The reworking of the original concrete poem in homage to Malevich is given a new meta level by the placing of it twice in geometric relationship to each other. Malevich's black square is not only shown in each text but in the overall composition of the work which abstractly is structured like a Supremacist painting.
We believe this work was created at Bath University during John Furnival's stint in Bath as a tutor when he invited Finlay to come and work with his design group . Eavelines Pondlines was produced at that time but so was this print which would date it as c. 1968. Limitation unknown but not too many. In VG+ condition.