London: Test Department, n.d. (1978)
22 x 16cm, black printed 6pp folder (gold on black) with six A5 black on transparent white leaflets outlining the history of the industrial music band and explaining their move into the drama, visual arts and performative art fields. Discography and history all overprinted on photographs of the band and participants. According to Wikipedia  “Test Department was formed in the London suburb of New Cross in 1981. The core members of the group were Graham Cunnington, Paul Jamrozy, Jonathan Toby Burdon, Paul Hines and Angus Farquhar. Other members who played with the group at various times included Alistair Adams, Neil Starr, John Eacott, Andy Cowton, Tony Cudlip, David Coulter, Gus Ferguson and Martin King. Comedian Vic Reeves played bass in an early incarnation of the band. The slides and film for Test Dept multi-media events were made by visual director Brett Turnbull.” Fine and rather nice.

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